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Net Telephony Has Come A Long Way

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Voxware is the leader in the compression/decompression (codec) technology needed to prepare the digitized voice packets for transport over the Internet and to reconstruct the voice signals at the receiving end.

Routing the packets through the Internet can create significant delays, depending on the paths taken and the amount of congestion at the routing nodes. When packets are late or lost, the codec compensates by averaging over the gaps, impairing voice quality.

With its most recent offering, the VIPSuite software development kit, the Princeton, N.J., firm claims to have greatly improved the quality of two-way voice conversations over IP networks such as the Internet.

Voxware’s codec is frequency-based rather than time-domain-based, allowing it to extract more information from the speech stream and to reconstruct it more accurately for late or

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October 4th, 2015 at 11:24 am

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