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Avoiding Stimulants Can Save Your Life!

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ascsCrystal, crank, coke, and other stimulants change the chemistry of the brain and send the body into overdrive. They can quickly bring life in the fast lane to a dead end.

Leilanie began using the stimulant methamphetamine, also called crystal or ice, when she was 13. Sometimes she stayed awake for days at a time. Other times she became violent and convinced that everyone was out to get her. No matter what, Leilanie’s need for the drug’s rush increased to desperation. Eventually she dropped out of school and moved in with other addicts. Only when she became pregnant at age 19 did Leilanie finally get help for her addiction.

Sixteen-year-old Brett enjoyed raves–all-night parties with intense music and dancing. To keep going, Brett and his friends in Madison, Wisconsin, took …

Written by Rod

November 2nd, 2015 at 7:40 pm